Introduction: “Loving “this is an aerobic word, which meanings are intangible and intrinsic and never touch & see it by anyone in this earth’s, only can feel. These are conventional and traditional hypothesis according to the views of many social psychologists. It does seem to be that no writings were written such an un-counted and unlimited way like love to express the meanings or definitions of Love or Loving, by enormous writers from the very beginning time of socialization & enculturation of human being. But all the past and previous meanings and definitions were almost same in terms of definitions and meanings. People believed that we feel love from the insight of our heart and all the resources of loves are originated from our heart. But the recent research about loving proven and shows that all the feelings of love and loving are source of our brain and our brain performs all these functions through our nervous system and some autonomic nervous system.
Basically, Nervous System is 100% responsible to control & direct all human functions likely, auditory visual functions, Motor skills, Physiological & anatomical functions, Psychological functions etc. Even all our good dreams and bad dream also our good health and bad health conditions. So, the impact point is human nervous system is just same, like the switch room of telecommunications. Our nervous systems are divided into two broad groups to perform their functions most efficiently and smoothly manner. The CNS or Central Nervous System and the PNS or Peripheral Nervous System, the Central Nervous System is comprises by neuron cell and the Peripheral Nervous System is comprises by glial cell. The two different type cells perform different functions by their nature & characteristics. Our brain cortex and spinal cord makes CNS & Spinal cord & billions of sensitive threads like nerves are make our PNS. All these sensitive nerves are connected with our all internal glands and muscles for their normal functions. Neurons receives all information to organize and interpret afterwards our peripheral nervous system transferred and send all interpreted information or directions through its sensitive nerves to their respective areas. Our motor skills, like the movement of our hands and legs are directed & controlled by peripheral nervous system. So, all these receiving, transferring, of directions and information are performed by an electro-chemical process with a carrier named Axon. I think we are clear now, how & where the source of our all feelings, loving, thinking, doing, and even our creativity activities are controlled by our brain’s two hemispheres, namely left hemisphere and right hemisphere. The left hemisphere is brain’s major and vital part, because all our verbal and language skills it’s main criteria. All logical & mathematical skills and knowledge are dominated by this hemisphere, in the left brain it’s frontal cortex is known as Male and on the other hand the right frontal cortex is known as Female, sometime, it is also refers as a second class citizen of the brain. The reality is the both brain hemispheres or parts are work together to integrate their duties and responsibilities, that’s why both brain parts are connected with a connector named corpus callous working like a bridging to exchange some essential message and hints between them. The left brain hemisphere is devoid of feelings, emotions, and imaginations that’s why this hemisphere is unable to create something concerning love and loving.
Significantly, although the right hemisphere or the Design mind is a minor part of our brain, but it does all our emotions, feelings, and imaginations those are essential materials for our feeling love, loving some one etc. To create something loving concerns it uses its innate creator who is our innate child like a fragile seeds. It is clinically proven that if our left brain hemisphere somehow damaged, despite this man can compose a music and it is totally performs by our right brain hemisphere or the design mind. All the writers like, poet, novelist, Journalist, Musician, song writers they are design mind dominated people. Our loves, positive & negative emotions, affections, feel to loving some one, grieves, mourns, consoling everything is provided by our design mind. Similarly, all the scientists, mathematicians, accountants, engineers, doctors are left brain or sign mind dominated people. It likes to work in details e.g. one after another, chronologically, and sequential ways, but the design mind likes to work as a whole and analogical ways. The design mind people use their preconceived ideas and past experience by recalling flashing back their background, and to create something new they use their all psychic resources like, imaginations, feelings, and emotions and they can see a complete blue print of their creations before complete them. There are some brain chemicals and hormones that arouse one’s feelings to some one he/she expect to love. The pituitary glands, hypothalamus, thalamus are the main sources of the hormones which are responsible to arouse some one for the feeling of sex and loving. So, our all feelings about love or willing to love some one and stronger sexual intentions are triggered and arouse by our brain, but not our heart, although we feel our love under the left side of our diaphragm. More importantly all these arousal hormones and brain chemicals are release from our design mind area.
Love is a heavenly feelings, it has infinitive power and rational capacity. It can not be destroy like energy but it can change its forms and natures in its different circumstances. Love or loving change its various themes through a metamorphosis process, some times it appears or seen to us as our mother, or as our lovers, or as our life partner, or as our children, or as our brothers & sisters, even as our God or Allah. Love is not confined within the romantic lovers, within our sexual orientation, and so on so. Love is universal, love is beauty, love is our truthiness, love is our discretion, love is our motivation & confidence, love turgid our body and minds, love is our goal & objectives, love is our duties & responsibilities to our families, societies, and country’s. Love teaches us humanity, equity, global citizenship, to respect and acknowledge, to value and inspiration, harmonizing among human being or mankind, to help and love deprived and helpless, and to make peaceful worlds for us and for our future progenies. What not can do love for us and global citizens?