Dear Mother,


How are you mom? I miss you so much. Long time I did not see you. Don’t you remember me even for once?  Last night I saw a dream in which you were calling me from my back. I turned to you but you were gone already. I miss you mom! I miss you so much! I have so headache. Sometimes I press my forhead but still I can’t tolerate. No one really cares like you mom! There no one is like you! In the school I have a lot of things to do. I look around if I can see anyone to help me. But I find no one else. Mom, can you just please come for a day. I just want to see you once. I want to escape but I can’t. I want to come but can’t. no one helps here mom!


Mom, do you really remember me?  I can’t forget you even for a single moment. Last night I dialed the phone. The operator asked me, whom I want to talk! I simply replied, my mom! The operator told me, silly boy! Why mom? Why the operator doesn’t know your number? If I want to talk to you then who will help me to call? Please mom, talk to me soon!


Next day, I have a homework to submit. It’s an article about ‘your mother’. How can I write the article? Whenever I am trying to write something, the page become blurred! I can’t see the letters properly. May be my eyesight has some problems! Don’t worry mom, everything will be fine. I tried in the internet to search the trace of you. The search engine could not help. I search “my mom”. It really could not find you for me mom!


Without you who can understand me properly? Nobody cares me properly. I need to buy a pencil! Who will buy this for me? Mom, when you are coming? Please bring some pencils for me. I want to draw a portrait of you. You just give me one hour mom! One hour is good enough for me. I wish I can draw a portrait of you in that one hour. I promise I will not ask for more. I promise I will never bother you. Please mom, come just for na hour. I can’t write anymore more. May be my eye problems started. I can’t see properly what I am writing! Mom I hope you can read the letter. Once you read it, please come sharp mom! I am waiting for you.



Your loving son,




[This letter was found in the ‘Destiny orphanage’ four years ago. A boy named peter died in an anonymous desease. After his death, this letter was found in his school bag. This boy never saw his mother. He was brought to the orphanage after his birth tweleve years ago. Who brought here, and what was the identity, nobody knows now.]